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Away from the Heat of Metro Manila

Okay, this is a confession. Last week was the very first time I set my feet on City of Pines, also known as Baguio. Early this year, I put on my so-called goal list that I will visit Baguio before the year ends. Unfortunately, I was having doubts if I can push through on that goal. But for a particular reason , the goal was set and materialized quickly. Didn’t expect that my goal will no longer be the reason why I am visiting the place. That quick, I’m telling you. There was a problem along the way when I made the plan, unexpected thing happened and that made my Baguio trip more exciting and well, memorable if I may say.

Here are some photos from the trip:

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Fragmented and Bipolar

I listened again to Up Dharma Down’s two earlier albums, Fragmented and Bipolar, last Saturday. Then just to do something else, I picked out some of my favorite lines from the songs on each album. I chose the lines that strike me to the core instead of putting the titles of the song. Well, except for the instrumental entries. And to try out if I got some creativity. Heh! 😀

So here it is:




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Happy Birthday, Mama!



  • Masarap magluto.
  • Unang um-oo sa pagpunta ko sa HK.
  • Binilhan ako ng Daimos na bag nung grade 6 ako.
  • Nabili ng sapatos ko sa Quiapo kasi magka-size kami ng paa.
  • Mahilig sa chocolate.
  • May Doraemon bag ako dahil sa kanya.
  • Nagluluto ng baon ko.
  • Inuuna kami kaysa sarili nya.
  • Alam naman nyang mahal ko s’ya kahit ‘di ko sabihin 🙂




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Calmness Inside the Elevator

For more than three years of working and striving hard to live peacefully (?), today was the very first time I got stuck inside the elevator. I was the only person on the elevator when that happened. I just wished there’s a good-looking man that time whom I can talk to. 😀 Unfortunate indeed. I tell you, it’s CREEPY! You cannot count on the lights inside that tiny space. Malay mo there will be some ghost who will be whispering in your ears. EERIE. Of course, that’s just a product of watching horror movies. I didn’t think about that actually. My concern that time was how to get out of that tiny space and if ever I will be filing a leave (go home and sleep) because of that incident.

Whenever the elevator make a shit like that, all you need to do is press the call button and ask for help. Yeah, the one that will connect to whoever operates it. But the CALL BUTTON was out of service! Kaya pala walang ilaw ‘yon. I pressed it so many times out of frustration. Then I resorted in sending a text message to my officemate who’s already busy working on his station. I was lucky, I didn’t have a single load! Heh! Imagine my day starting with that kind of thing. Then I sat for awhile then go back pressing the call button and of course, I tried to open the door. 😀 After that, I knocked the door loudly and calling out Kuya, Kuya, Kuya (referring to Security Guards)!

On a more serious note, I didn’t panic and just stayed calm for 10 minutes or so. I don’t know why calmness stayed with me. I was surprised that I didn’t even get angry on that incident. Then the security guards came, talked for a while and just smiled at them. I’m just happy that the incident didn’t affect my mood for the day. I’m grateful for that. 🙂

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Thank You

Ang dami ko dapat na ipagpasalamat. Masyadong marami at kulang itong pahina na ‘to. Ang laki na ng utang na loob ko SA’YO. My words aren’t enough pero totoo na lagi akong nagpapasalamat SA’YO. Kahit ano pa ‘yan. Kahit malungkot pa ‘yan. Ganun talaga. Alam ko Mahal mo ‘ko. Walang duda ‘yon.

At syempre,


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