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Films for May

Been busy the whole month because I was out most of the time. But anyway, I managed to see some films.

1. 50/50 by Jonathan Levine. 2011.


2. The Expendables 2 by Simon West. 2012.


3. Constantine by Francis Lawrence. 2005. (I think, I’ve seen for at least 4 times)


4. Coffee Prince. 2007. (A Korean Series)

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Virgin Labfest 9

An annual showcase of trilogies (a group of three literary works with related theme) on stage. For their 9th year, they will have five sets of trilogies.

Below is the screening schedule and venue.


  • Kudeta! Kudeta!
  • Kapit
  • Invisible Man

June 26, 2013/ 3PM & 8pm
July 06, 2013/ 3PM
July 07, 2013/ 8PM


  • Isang Daan
  • Chipline
  • Owel

June 27, 2013/ 3PM & 8PM
July 06, 2013/ 8PM
July 07, 2013/ 3PM


  • Pamamanhikan
  • Kung Paano ako Naging Leading Lady
  • Ambong Abo

June 28, 2013/ 3PM & 8PM
July 03, 2013/ 3PM
July 05, 2013/ 8PM


  • Pramoedya

July 29, 2013/ 3PM & 8PM
July 03, 3013/ 8PM
July 04, 2013/ 3PM


  • Unang Regla ni Juan
  • Pagsubli
  • Kuneho

June 30, 2013/ 3PM & 8PM
July 04, 2013/ 8PM
July 05, 2013/ 3PM

Performances will be held at TANGHALANG HUSENG BATUTE (Studio Theater), Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). For more details, visit CCP’s website.


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The Magalawa Island Experience

This is my first of summer. We’re already on the 5th month of the year but we still had the chance to chase the scorching heat of the sun on this beautiful island. ūüôā



Fishermen on the work.







You'll say yes to this.

You’ll say yes to this.


Afternoon break.

Afternoon break.


The sun's still up

The sun’s still up

Fire tree.

Fire tree.





Blue and green.

Blue and green.


Smiles on the water.

*Smiles on the water.

*Photo Credit: Billy Ray


Budget –¬†2, 500 PHP.


1. Island Package – 1, 200 PHP. This package is good for group of 10 and above. 2 Days and 1 Night. We brought our own tent.

Package inclusions:

  • Boat Transpo (2way)
  • Entrance
  • 4Meals (2sets menu – combination of seafood/fish/pork/chicken menu, rice, soda)
  • Snorkeling/Rafting (w/¬†Life vest¬†and snorkeling gears)

2. Transportation РBus ride is roughly 750 PHP round trip. Trike is around 150 2/way.

3. Miscellaneous – 200 PHP to 300 PHP for food (late night snack) and drinks.


Plus Points:

1. Generally, the island is peaceful. Relaxing and you can actually sleep in the afternoon.

2. Accommodating staff.

3. We’re always full. Hindi ka magugutom sa isla. Maraming food eh.

4. Fine sand. Clear water.


Minus Points:

1. There are 4 restrooms. 2 for the boys and 2 for the girls. But there are no faucets and there’s only one poso (artisan well) for all the guests. There are couple of pails and dippers. Honestly, it’s not really comfortable to take a bath on this kind of restroom but if you deviate from your normal way of taking a bath, then you will just overlook this one. Probinsyang probinsya talaga.

2. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to take long hours of traveling to an island, then definitely, this one is not for you. The bus ride is around 4 hours (without traffic plus stopover) and then the trike ride would be around 30 to 45 minutes.


For further details, you can visit Magalawa Island Facebook Page or drop by on their website.


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