Detach. Verb.

17 Oct

This one is from The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan. One of my favorite books. And the word above is one my favorite entry on this lovable dictionary.

DETACH. Transitive Verb
1. to separate (something) from something larger
2. to separate (yourself) from someone or something
1. To separate or unfasten; disconnect: detach a check from the checkbook; detach burs from one’s coat.
2. To remove from association or union with something: detach a calf from its mother; detached herself from the group.
3. To send (troops or ships, for example) on a special mission.


My take:

This word could mean burning bridges. You will separate your self from that situation, emotion and person.

1. Don’t pick that phone – Yeah, you read it. Please spare yourself from hearing the voice of that person. Or reading that text message which was composed with carefully chosen words. You know, just to remind you he/she still exist in your world.

2. Seen the message. Saw the mentioned name. – If you receive a message from FB or Twitter or any social media account you got, ignore it. You can read the message, yes, but please don’t start with your fingers typing in you response. (Actually, I’m OC when it comes to unread messages. I want them to be marked as READ. You get me, right?)

3. Cinderella Drama – If you’re invited to an event and that person is going, attend that event. Don’t let that person ruin your chance to socialize. After all, you have your own circle of friends to hang out with. But if you can’t stand to see him/her around, leave early. Tell your friends believable reasons why you need to go home or wherever you want.

4. Learn to Say No – This one is important. If you really want to detach yourself, you have to say NO to an invitation to hang out/dinner/attend a party/go here and there. If there’s any favor that this person is asking for, don’t allow yourself to do it. When you say YES, you’re allowing that person to take an initial step to be involved on your life (again). You’re starting to attract pain (again) and you don’t want that, right?

5. Busy BeeMake yourself busy. Cliche, I know, but it’s an effective one. Continue what you’re doing and create something new that can make you even busier.

The things I mentioned above will only be applicable if you REALLY WANT TO detach yourself from the things or people you don’t want in your life. There’s no turning back. It’s like hitting the Shift + Delete buttons on your keyboard. These things are for the brave. Completely letting go of the baggage that’s been haunting you and being a pain in the ass for the past couple of weeks/months/years. You won’t give a single damn about it. Now, you won’t care anymore.

Letting go is one shitty pain on your head but sometimes, you really need to do it. Seriously. Don’t linger on things that wouldn’t help on bringing out the best in you. Take one step at a time. Don’t be in a hurry to detach yourself. You’ll get there in time. Help yourself out.


Be happy.

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