Pico de Loro: Hiking to Base Camp 1

21 Jan

Last December, there was an invite to climb Pico de Loro in Cavite. Well, the original plan was overnight (Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning) at Pico de Loro plus Meteor Shower Watching. But my friend, Des, had a late notice for an event related to her Japanese class. Then we just decided to do a day hike on Sunday but then again, something came up. Sunday is usually family day or church day for some so the day hike became an hour or so to base camp 1 of Pico. We didn’t mind cause we can still go there any time we want. Believe me, I was too excited when I hit the Join button to the Facebook event that Des created. If ever kasi, that would be my first (virgin) climb! Hahaha!

Nga lang, bitin. Of course, the aim is to reach the summit. We can do it some other time. We met some hikers/mountaineers going down from the summit. Probably they did watch the meteor shower the other night. I envied them somehow. Ganun pala ‘yong sa mga hikers/mountaineers, they greet each other and it goes like this: “Good (time of the day), Ma’am/Sir” plus they would usually say Ingat with a smile. How sweet, right? I like that.


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Photos courtesy of Abel.


The total number of participants who joined in Facebook event was 10 but for some reason, hindi na tumuloy ‘yong iba. Sayang. Anyway, Des, Buboy, Abel and I decided to push through. Masaya kaya. 🙂


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Photos courtesy of Des.


I don’t know kung ilang beses na umakyat si Des sa Pico. I think this is her favorite. She’s inviting us every now and then to go with her. In 2012 (if my memory serves me right), she invited some of our friends from the office to climb Pico. Puro girls! Hahaha. Wala ako dyan. When the girls came back on Monday (except from Des), they said na hindi na nila uulitin pa ‘yon. Sumakit daw ang katawan nila. I need to find out if that’s true. Hiking hanggang base camp 1 lang nagawa ko eh. Some of my friends who already climbed Pico said that it’s not for beginners but of course, I still want to go. 🙂 Now, read more about Pico de Loro if you’re interested.

I’ll see you again, Pico and will reach your summit. Hehe. 😀


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