Travel Thoughts on February

11 Feb


The first morning of my February in Manila after staying for almost a week in the North. First Monday of February brought some good thoughts since I had a good time the previous week.


I didn’t mind taking the long bus ride since I like this kind of travel and well, the province is stunning. I saw the mountains, did trekking and long walks. I had a good practice on taking a bath with really cold water and soaking my feet on a refreshing falls in the middle of mountain ranges. Experienced the coldness of weather on the first quarter of the year with below 10 degrees Celsius. Stunning sea of clouds outside the bus window while going down to another province. No pollution and garbage are seldom on the view. Everything is green!

The locals are nice and yet aloof most of the time. Speaking English is a must because foreigners are flocking to their beautiful place. The kids are mostly chinito/a (with red cheekbones) to the point that I thought they have foreign blood. Approachable foreigners were one of the best things on the trip. Spanish, Dutch and French were among them.

Some travel kwento soon! 🙂

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