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Films for August

Though there were two long weekends on August, I wasn’t able to reach my monthly quota on watching films. Busy with money slavery and addiction to sleep.

But of course, all the movies I’ve watched were all good for my taste. So, let’s begin.

1. J.S.A.: Joint Security Area by Chan-wook Park. 2000.

J.S.A.: Joint Security Area

2. Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time by Jong-bin Yun. 2012.

Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time

3. Thirst by Chan-wook Park. 2009.


4. Mariquina by Milo Sogueco. 2014.


5. Dagitab by Giancarlo Abrahan. 2014.

Dagitab (Sparks)

6. Sundalong Kanin by Janice O’Hara. 2014.

Sundalong kanin

7. The Wolf of Wall Street by Martin Scorsese. 2013.

The Wolf of Wall Street

P.S. I’m currently addicted to Breaking Bad. So, that hinders my movie marathon. 😀

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Uy, Jolens nominated me to answer this online slambook! Thanks! Apir!

Pucha, kelan ako huling nagsagot nito?

Tara, let’s do it.

Name: Think. Say. Feel.
Nickname: Marco (Babae ako ha. So defensive, I know! And this is an alias.)
Age: 20-something
Address: Metro Manila
Email add: I don’t have a dummy email and I’m not putting my personal e-mail. Thanks!
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Favorite Subject/s: School subject ba? History. In general, I can talk about almost everything but don’t start with me on religion.
Teacher/s: My History teachers back in high school. Pretty awesome. Then this Grade V teacher who loves to tell her stories about her children. Her son was a lovable bully and for some months, he became my crush.
Book/s: Trese series by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. Some Mario Puzo and Gabriel Garcia Marquez titles. Others.
Author/s: Maria Puzo. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Bob Ong. Lualhati Bautista. Nick Joaquin. Jonathan Kellerman. Mina Esguerra.  Others.
Movie/s: We have a lot of time to talk about this but I can’t put them here. Marami eh.
Movie Genre: All major movie genres and their sub-genres.
Actress/Actor: Lee Byung-hun. Tony Leung. Joel Torre. Mylene Dizon. Nonie Buencamino. Maggie Cheung. JGL. Kevin Spacey. Morgan Freeman. Cate Blanchett. Meryll Streep. Jack Nicholson. Peter Dinklage. Tina Fey. Christian Bale. Audrey Tautou. Gael Garcia Bernal. Diego Luna. Monica Bellucci. Andy Lau. (May iba pa.)
Singer/s: Corinne Bailey Rae, Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, Feist. Gwen Stefani. (Actually, marami eh. I just mentioned some names to avoid answering M2M, I mean Many to Mention.)
Song: Songs from the above artists.
TV Program: GoT, Breaking Bad, The L Word, Diary of A Call Girl, and marami pang susunod.
Radio Program: Used to listen to Good Times with Mo. I rarely listen to radio program these days.
Outfit: None
Food: Naisip ko ngayon siomai saka piaya.
Drinks: Kape’t tubig.
Color/s: Red and black
Lucky No/s: Wala
Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to songs, reading books. (Ginaya ko na si Jolens, pretty much the same) plus some travelling/hiking and sleeping.
Sports/Games: I don’t play any games but sometimes, I watch Tennis, Basketball and Football or UFC. Pwede na ba ‘yong patintero nung elementary?
Motto: Keep going no matter what.
Describe yourself: Malabong mata at tumatawa sa corny jokes.
Who is you crush: Marami. Pero search for Luke Landrigan. 🙂
What is love? Sabi ng The Beatles Love is All You Need.
Do you believe in destiny? No
Why? 🙂
What attracted you the most? Patawanin mo ‘ko.
Dreamboy: ‘Yong mahilig sa music saka movies. Saka pwede kong kaladkarin kahit saan.
Happiest Moment: Paggising sa umaga.
Greatest achievement in life: Tanungin nyo na lang ako after 10 years.
What is your greatest dream? Matapos ang mga bayarin.
Most wonderful event ever happened? Pag naalala ko. Maraming maliliit na bagay ‘yon eh.
Funniest Experience? Solb na ‘ko sa pagtawa sa corny jokes.
Most stupid thing you ever done? Went to work without brushing my teeth dahil lang talaga iniisip ko ‘yong susuungin kong traffic. Thanks to mouth wash inside my bag at nawala rin naman kahit papano ang baho ng bibig ko bago umupo sa workstation.
My idea of vacation: Isasama ko ‘yong crush ko tapos kakain, matutulog, gagagala sa town, maglalakad para ma-appreciate ang kagandahan ng kalikasan, sasakay ng trike/bus/jeep/Bangka/RORO, mag-uusap ng mga walang kwentang bagay tapos seseryoso kami, tapos magka-kape, iinom (flavoured beer ako o kaya wine), titikim ng street food, tapos tapos… (Teka, ideal date ata ‘tong sinagot ko?)
Regrets: Nagka-boypren nang wala namang nararamdaman dun sa lalaki.
Wildest Imagination: Hindi ako imaginative eh.
Your guilty pleasure: Chic Flicks.
Philosophy in life: Keep going no matter what. Galing ‘yan sa taas.
Loves: Currently in love with Breaking Bad. The idea of hiking Mt. Tagapo and Osmena Peak.
Hates: Uncertainty. People who constantly telling lies.
Last Words: See you around.

Now, the rule of the game is to nominate other bloggers/people to answer these questions. For those people I’ll nominate, you don’t need to answer these questions if you don’t want to, ok? Hehe. If you want, then go and lure others. 😛

First, I nominate Janey with cool stories about her fangirling and travel diary. Second, Mina with lots of stories to tell about media life and all those shit. Third, Ninay who has a lot of kwentos about her son and her family as well. Last one goes to Cup, the one who writes poems (Dude, you’re good).


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Sa palagay ko, lahat ng bagay eh subjective. Puro galing sa sariling opinyon at kung ano ang convenient sa atin.


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Because Monday is All About Blues

Minsan, magpakatanga naman tayo.

— Issey. Dagitab (2014)

There are things you shouldn’t have done or things you wish you’re able to do. Because most of the time, my mind is full of unnecessary shit and unheard/unwritten thoughts, I have a theory that I fucked up some certain things. Things I thought are not important or best way to describe it: ‘not part of my system and not used to it’.

Been thinking a lot the past few days and it hurts. I still don’t have any resolutions but I want to patch things up. I really want to but I don’t know how or where to start.

Just this weekend, I’ve watched some indie entries from Cinemalaya. Films are part my escape plan but at the same time, they drag me to quiet moments and think over the things I have done lalo na ‘pag alam kong tinamaan ako sa istorya. Sometimes, not only the stories but the accompanying songs and music. I feel like they’re talking to me, saying something I should listen to.

The Players: Shoemaker feat. Karen Gaerlan (Mariquina. 2014)

I wish that all of us were better at playing the game.

Until it feels like the only solution we know is to go.

Broken Strings – Karen Gaerlan (Mariquina. 2014)

Following footsteps returning to silence.

Sparks – Champ Lui Pio (Dagitab 2014)

If only we can start.

Start with something stupid.

And maybe we can start with something beautiful.

Mula Rito Hanggang Kalayaan – Noel Cabangon (Dagitab. 2014)

Kahit pag-ibig ay tatalikdan.

Way of the Heart – Mon Espia (Dagitab. 2014)

Just forget about your foolish pride.

The only way to go is to follow the way of the heart.

Tinamaan nga ata ako ‘don sa mga kanta. Been listening to them since seven in the morning on Monday. Hanggang doon na lang siguro.

“Kung napapagod ka na, hindi mo naman kailangang umalis. Kailangan mo lang magpahinga.”

— Jimmy. Dagitab (2014)


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