New Year’s Sound

26 Jan


Aloha! I know, I know, I haven’t updated this blog yet. But here I am now, making an impromptu “blog” without really thinking of a nice topic to talk about. I have lame excuses like “I’m busy with work” or “The holidays took my time” or the classic “Tinatamad ako” but of course, I still want to write something here from time to time.

Well, maybe I’m giving more attention to the other blog these days. The photo above is a screenshot of my first mixtape for 2015 and I’m more than glad to share lovely music that I discovered last year. Allow me to brag that this particular mixtape for Manillenials gained a good number for reposts and retweets. Not only those people who likes music but the legit and thriving OPM musicians/artists of today.

I featured a lot of hip and urban Filipino sounds, earning a title of The New Sound of OPM. I totally enjoyed hunting new OPM songs and listened to more than 100 songs in a day. I didn’t feel any exhaustion because they’re all good for my ears.Some songs were already part of my playlist, but I need to listen to them again to justify my goal of sharing the best possible sounds of our new local musicians. I can’t seem to get enough of it, actually.

For continuous listening, I created an 8tracks playlist so you won’t need to click on the play button again and again.

Anyway, let me share some of my top favorites on the playlist:

1. Oh, Flamingo – June

2. Peryodiko – Kung Alam Mo Lang (Feat. Buddy Zabala x Morse)

3. Flying Ipis – Lundagin Mo Beybi

4. The Strange Creatures – I Feel Like I’m On Drugs

5. Lustbass – XXX

6. Jireh Calo – Stay

7. Kate Torralba – Drunk on Your Love

8. Kala – Libot

9. Wilderness – Pasaway

10. Chocolate Grass – Testify

11. Mic Manalo – Halika

12. Tandems ’91 – At Last

Happy listening! ❤

P.S. I’ll update my movie archive by the end of January.

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