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Untitled: Drama and Music


I think I’m back writing some shit about anything pero I’m not sure if kaya kong i-sustain ba. A lot of things happened between my last post in 2015 and today. More than two years, eh? May masaya, malungkot, nakakainis, nakakatakot; name it and I’m sure meron akong mahuhugot. But one thing is certain, I am grateful for everything I’ve been through. Those things made me stronger, more understanding and open-minded. But most importantly, I had the chance to choose to be quite content with everything. Not in the sense na kuntento na lang habambuhay but limiting myself sa mga bagay na hindi kailangan in the long run, whether people, things, or situations.

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Clouded Mind

Aside from my love affair with the moon, I feel happy looking up the sky and scanning how the clouds make their way to brighten up my day. Sure, there are times that these clouds may look like an angry god because of its darkness but I still feel a combination of calmness and panic. It’s like seeing a beautiful things in between hallow spaces.






I am no good in photography but as much as possible I want to capture the beauty and calmness I see. These clouds can take away some weariness you have been hiding inside your little brain. These clouds can help you to look at the brighter side of everything. These clouds may help you to forget those weary nights, those times that you feel like giving up. It’s as if looking at something that make you say, “Everything will be fine” or just “I don’t give a fuck” statement.




For now, just smile 🙂

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Happy Graduation!

And after 4 years of staying in the university…



Welcome to the place between heaven and hell. 😀 You’re going to survive it!

Happy Graduation! 🙂

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