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Sagada Trip Invite

Sagada 3D/2N

Sagada 3D/2N

I know ang tagal na nung last na post ko. Na-busy lang. Na-miss ko rin naman ang WordPress bahay ko. Anyway, hindi yan ang topic ngayon.

I’m inviting all of you (na followers at nagbabasa ng mga entries ko) to our Sagada trip this coming long weekend, May 1-3. You can see the details. So if you have any concerns, you can send your inquiries through the contact details stated above.

Actually, we’re looking for 5 participants na lang, so kung nasa Manila/Pinas ka naman at walang gagawin pa this weekend, sama na. πŸ™‚

Thanks! Taralets! πŸ™‚


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Trip to Burot Beach

We decided to take the last Saturday of May and the first Sunday of June for our beach trip to the summer. Last hurrah if I may say.Β The beach tripping was neither good nor bad. Probably the most so-so beach trip/travel I’ve had but definitely something that I will remember until I reach my dying age (arte!).

It didn’t turn out well but the consolation prize was the companionship I’ve had while experiencing the low tide beach and the scorching heat of the summer. The “emergency” happened was something that will stay for the rest of the years and the images and sounds formed inside my tiny brain while trying to fall in a deep slumber.

The Nature

Burot Beach

Burot Beach

Burot Beach

Burot Beach

Burot Beach

Burot Beach

The People

Burot Beach

I don’t know them but took a photo anyway.

burot beach

(c) Cayo Mizal

burot beach

(c) Cayo Mizal

burot beach

(c) Cayo Mizal

burot beach

(c) Cayo Mizal. Hello Ninay!




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Survivor: Anawangin/Capones Edition


Yes, a throwback post from 2011. We had a team building slash outing in Anawangin (Capones sidetrip), Zambales. It was a blast, I tell you. The most fun team building I had. My officemates ARE really the best. Puro kulitan plus maraming pagkain. πŸ˜€ We had games under the scorching heat of the sun. Despite the heat, we managed to do the games and eventually my team won. I think the game started around 9 in the morning and ended at around 1 in the afternoon. So, imagine what we need to endure that time.

I don’t know what I did during those times and I was not able to blog about it. >_<

The Place

Low Tide

12 noon beach

Girls trying to have photo-op under the sun

*Low tide place

*Crossing the path


The people

*That’s our team, Sook Jai. We’re trying to rest after the two games.

*Planning or talo na?

*The Marketing 2 people πŸ™‚

*Bonfire, socials and PAGEANT!

Game Time

*Girl vs. boy πŸ˜€

*Brain game

*Filling in the bottle then run

Trek to the lighthouse

It was an unexpected trek. We thought it was an easy trek we could do in 15 minutes, but it wasn’t! There were times that we had to search for some slippers – the ones left by other previous trekkers – along the way because our own slippers were literally broken. It was a slippery trek!

*Capones trek

*Start of trek

*Trekking from the shore

*The trekkers

*To the light house

*A little bit more

The lighthouse! Finally!

*Rusty spiral staircase

*View from the lighthouse.

Exhausting but fun πŸ™‚


*Going back to Anawangin

I guess, I am just missing the old company I had before. We’re now slowly parting ways. You know, change.

P.S. Most of the photos here are courtesy of a good friend, Jane. πŸ™‚ Visit her blog here. Thanks, Janey! πŸ™‚


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One Day Affair with Sagada

Just like Banaue, we had a side trip in Sagada. I didn’t enjoy Sagada that much. Well, maybe because there was a fiesta that time and people were all over the place. Heavy traffic was present as well. I really have to visit Sagada again to enjoy its beauty and experience what the place has to offer.

But anyway, I’m still happy that I had a glimpse of this place.

The nature


Sun shining.


The blue sunrise






Sneak peek inside the cave.



The view



The rice terraces



The greenery



Hanging coffins.


The tummy reliever


I love Bana’s pancake.



Craving for another cup



Ham cheese omelet. (Thanks, Anj!)



Sorry I didn’t get the name of this sandwich



A Filipino breakfast



I love this place.



Gaia’s mini library and store



Taste their organic food.



My favorite quote inside Gaia






Organic patty.


The gang


Smiles after seeing the cave.



View from jeepney topload





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Exploring Ifugao: Other things to remember


Clear sky in the morning.



The road back to Banaue.



Topload jeepney on steep-side road. Going back to Banaue, Ifugao.



Water source from the side of the mountain. Refreshing water indeed.



Happy travelers! We’re with a French couple who enjoyed Batad as well.



Rice terraces in Mayoyao, Ifugao.


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