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Sometimes, First Times Are the Best

I don’t know have any proper introduction on this but to let you know, it’s about some informal first time events in my work-bahay routine.

1. You know what’s the best thing about being part of a blog site (has more than 1k Facebook Likes. Hehe) and has its own domain and hosting? You get an invitation for advanced movie screening! Yes dear readers (kung meron man), the other blog where I contribute my formal musings already received two advanced movie screening/mini event.

First, it was Barber’s Tales. However, we were not able to attend ’cause it’s located in QC and most of us (we’re 11 writers in that blog) are working in Makati and the event was 3PM. I was so eager to attend because the plot is promising and Eugene Domingo won a Best Actress in Tokyo International Film Festival. Oh well, tapos na ‘yun.

Second invite was from Futurentertainment Inc. It was the advanced screening of Russian horror film Viy: Spirit of Evil. We immediately said yes to the invitation since it will be held in Greenbelt Cinema. Ilang tumbling at kembot lang andun na kami.

Jane and I attended the event since we’re the only ones who were eager to see it. Sino kami para humindi sa ganitong invite? Anyway, when we were there, we felt intimidated since it seems the other bloggers and media writers are all veterans to this kind of shit and they already know each other! Para kaming others talaga dun though we had a small talk with one of the bloggers naman. Buti na lang talaga, dalawa kaming nagpunta.

We’re a bit hesitant if we will bring our own food. We thought that they won’t serve any, but of course mali kami ng inisip. There was a mini buffet from Sumo Sam and we enjoyed the food. 😀 Plus, they also served popcorn and sodas during the movie.

My most favorite part was when we discovered that the given envelope to us containing the press kit had a GC from Sumo Sam worth P1000!

From then on, Jane and I promised to attend these gatherings if our schedules will permit us. Free movie and free food and other perks are the best!

2. Watching a film with someone you just met that day? Yes! I’ve done that last night. This friend of mine (2nd time namin ulit magsama/magkita since summer) tagged along this lady he just met that day too! I don’t want to put so much details regarding this ’cause I didn’t ask their permission. I just want to tell you, guys, that I enjoyed their company talking about heartbreaks, the movie, some dating shit, a little bit of Philippine law, and others. I didn’t feel any awkward moments with the lady. I think she’s awesome and intelligent. 🙂

3. It was my first time to watch a mind-fucking foreign movie in big screen! I’ve seen other mind fucking movies like Fight Club, Inception, and Irreversible but just on my desktop/laptop. While watching, I can’t stop thinking about what will happen on the characters or if this one will have a solid ending. This one is worth spending your money with. I’m hooked.

Have you seen Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike? Go, check it out. Hahaha. I seriously recommend this one.

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Blog About the Boys



Screenshot of the blog I wrote on Monday. Supposedly, the idea of the entry should be posted here. However, I thought it would be more interesting to put it on the website which has a wider audience. I have planning the draft since March but I got busy and my thoughts back then were too blurry or no direction at all.

Basically, the entry is about a girl who wants to say THANK YOU to all the boys who came by and stayed for a while. I want the readers to be appreciative of the people who made them smile, laugh and taught them some life’s lessons.

You can read the full entry of To All the Boys I’ve Met at Manillenials. 🙂


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