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Appeal VS Looks

This is just an initial assessment and based on what I am seeing now.

I recently met someone and this someone actually belongs to a group of three people whom I started a good friendship (hopefully my instinct is right) with for the past couple of weeks and one of them is really a dear friend. The person involved in this entry looks normal and nothing is really noticeable except for the goatee, which is an inch longer (now) compared to normal ones of typical Pinoys. His ritual is cut the goatee in New Year and let it grow for six months or so, until it reaches his chest part. The goatee makes him appealing (in all possible ways) and authoritative, I guess.

This someone is not really handsome, not even the cute word can be associated with him. He even claimed that he already accepted the fact that’s he’s not one of those men who would actually look like decent. Jokingly, he said that he can be mistaken as a robber. Mukhang hindi gagawa ng mabuti. I retorted with a laugh when I read that message because this man really knows how to make fun of himself and he’s totally cool with it. Zero fucks were given to people who actually judged him based on his looks.

What’s more interesting about this man is that he’s loaded with real-talk humor and carefully laid green jokes (which I don’t mind, really) for his companions. He’s the kind of man who would rather chill out everyday than talk about life’s excess baggage. He still talks about problems but doesn’t really give a serious shit. And I want to quote him, “Pain is temporary” and he does know what kind of pieces of advice he would give to a problematic person. He may be harsh most of the time (words, point of reference, comparison), but he definitely contributes something valuable to the other party. I’ve seen him giving reasonable and sound advice to people who need it.

This is how I see him and this impression is really a good one. He may not be a handsome guy, but he definitely carries himself with confidence full of humor and substance, making him MORE APPEALING than any other men I’ve known. And definitely yes, his goatee sets one notch higher of becoming an appealing guy.

P.S. Nakakagigil ‘yong goatee nya! Ang sarap hilahin. Hahahaha! 😀


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