Lies! Lies!

02 Sep


If someone tells you something that is not a fact then we call this a lie of commission. This type of lie is telling someone something that is simply not true. You’re twisting the truth to create a (usually more favorable) version of something that happened.
Suppose I knew it was raining outside and you asked me about the weather. “Oh no problem, it’s perfectly sunny outside!” You would now be making a decision to dress for sunny weather based on the wrong information you were given.


Another type of lie is one where you leave out an important part of information, hence the name lie of omission. In this lies, someone omits an important detail from a statement. These are nasty lies because they’re harder to spot and take less effort from the person who is lying.

Every now and then, we are faced with the fact that we lie; we can and will be our choice whether to comfort or protect us or whatever our reasons may be. In the same way, we became the receiving end of lie/s whether we accept it or not.

I’ve had my fair share of these things. I became the receiving end of lies for so many times; it did not feel good and will never be. However, I am not here to talk about that. I’m here because I’d like to gather my shit about why I lie as well. Hence the definition/explanation above. Now, hindi na ko nag-live up (trying hard) sa golden rule na “Wag mong gagawin sa iba ang ayaw mong gawin sa’yo” because basically I broke that. Not once.

I am guilty of these shits: Lies of Commission and Lies of Omission. Yes, I’ve done these things and I extremely sorry about it. But I wanna still defend myself why I did them. Well, just a reminder: I do not lie all the time, piling pili lang lalo na if hindi ko na kayang ilusot pa ang sarili ko sa isang particular situation.

Lies of Commission

The definition said that people lie to twist or change something they have said before para mas maging favourable ang version nang nangyari kesa sa sinabi nila beforehand. In my case, yes I did this because iba na ang nangyari kaysa sa sinabi ko. I made a statement and yet my answer is hindi version nung totoong nangyari. Bakit? Before things happened or bago nangyari ang actual na nangyari, I set rules to myself and abiding some things. But as things are happening, nag-iiba na ang isip and actions ko and hindi ko na nasusunod ang rules na na-set ko. At ang nangyari nung time na I need to make kwento or explain, I simply answered a different thing kesa sa nangyari talaga kasi sobrang guilty ako sa sarili and sa rules na I created.

It’s like ayaw ko bang ma-disappoint yung other party that I actually betrayed my own rules and some of my beliefs. Parang pakiramdam ko gusto ko proteksyunan ang sarili kahit ba na alam kong hinding hindi ako ija-judge nung kausap ko. Nahihiya ako na I am not living up mismo sa mga beliefs or rules ko. However, kung iniisip nyong natatakot ako sa kausap ko, NO! It is more of myself na nahihiya every now and then at sa iba’t ibang bagay. Nature ko na siguro na need ko ng coping mechanism to protect myself pero mali ang napili kong way. Hindi ko masabing wala akong choice because there’s always another choice and I chose the wrong way.

Lies of Omission

Now for this version, I deliberately omitted small but important things because I was afraid. Afraid to be scolded sa tanda kong ito. Na after all the things na naituro sakin and mga nabuo kong life rules eh nagkamali pa rin ako and tanga lang na hindi ko maitama and tuloy tuloy pa rin. Pagkatapos ng palitan ng ideas and becoming mature adult, iba pa rin ang ginawa ko. I feel awful deep inside until now.

Hanggang sa dumami ang details na need ko i-omit because of my stupidity and fear. Akala ko malulusutan ko but no, things got worst and bad enough to hurt people that do not serve to be treated like that. I disappointed myself too, “oh akala ko ba magaling ka na and mature enough to handle things” pero hindi pala.

Guys, as much as possible, DO NOT LIE. Bukod sa masama sya, it has a way to make you feel shit and worthless at times. And hindi worth it na magsinungaling sa mga taong importante sa inyo at hinding hindi maiiwasan na masasaktan mo sila in so many ways. Kapag nasaktan mo sila, you will feel guilty as well and now, magpa-pile up na lahat ng masamang pakiramdam sa loob at ikaw ang TALUNAN!

I’m not a bad person but I happen to make mistakes na pinagSIsisihan ko. Hindi ko rin intensyong makasakit pero hindi ata maiiwasan yun BUT I AM TRYING HARD to avoid it at all cost. Kung mababasa man ‘to ng mga taong nasaktan ko in any way because I lied, I’M SORRY, sinadya ko man or hindi.

Lastly, as much as possible ay maging honest and transparent kayo lalo sa mga bagay na alam nyong importante naman sa sa’yo and sa mga taong nakapaligid sa inyo. Hindi ko naman sinasabi na lahat sabihin nyo but always choose to be honest because you will never go wrong with telling the truth. Wala kang talo kung magsasabi ka ng totoo and I’m telling you this based on my experience. Now, I always try to be more honest and transparent dahil ako rin naman ang makikinabang in the end. And again, gusto ko sabihing hindi ako masamang tao at nagkataon lang ang lahat. The experiences I’ve had, I hope they will help me to shape up and be more mature.

Did the creator put this ingredient sa humanity or is it always part of free will? Likas ba sa tao na magsinungaling?


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2 responses to “Lies! Lies!

  1. Hector

    September 2, 2017 at 11:41 am

    Great blog! If I may add. Telling the the truth looks easy but practice makes perfect. And there is also a “white lie” just to avoid a confrontation or avoid explaining yourself? Lies are lies. If you don’t open your mouth then the less chance na mabaon sa problema but you also feel guilty because important things should be shared. It’s just maybe you’re not ready to tell it yet or binubuo pa sa isip bago ipagtapat ang lahat.

    In telling the truth, hindi ka lang basta nagsasabi ng totoo kundi nagpapakita ka ng pagpapahalaga sa tao na importante sayo. Doon mo naipapadama ang maturity ng love and care. If you really love the person then be happy to tell the truth, always, and you’ll never go wrong.

  2. Kal El

    September 5, 2017 at 1:19 am



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